What Can I Do About My Embarrassing Spider Veins?

Spider veins affect more than 40% of women today. Frequently, spider veins are the result of vascular problems, meaning they need treatment. You can get sclerotherapy treatment In as little as 30 minutes, and it’s nearly painless with no downtime required.

At Vascular Associates of San Diego in La Mesa, California, our vascular disease specialists take spider vein treatment seriously. Our comprehensive sclerotherapy treatment method resolves your spider vein problems, increases your self-confidence, and makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins occur when your body’s valves malfunction, preventing blood from flowing effectively. When that happens, it looks like a fine web of red, blue, or purple lines under your skin. This is because your small blood vessels are pooling with blood.

Spider veins, a vascular problem similar to varicose veins, are smaller, and usually appear on the face and legs in clusters. Approximately 30%-60% of all American adults suffer from spider veins or varicose veins, which primarily affects women.

How does sclerotherapy treat embarrassing spider veins?

Even if you haven’t heard of sclerotherapy treatment before, doctors have been using this method to treat spider veins since the 1930s. During sclerotherapy, a specialist injects a saline solution into swollen veins. Upon contact with the solution, the lining of the blood vessel is irritated, causing it to collapse. After your body reabsorbs the spider vein, your blood is redirected to healthy veins nearby.

The sclerotherapy procedure doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, so we can easily schedule it during lunchtime or when it’s most convenient for you. Fortunately, we can also treat multiple veins in the same session. If there is any discomfort, it should be minimal. For the most part, you should be able to return to your regular routine. However, you may need to rest a few days if you have been exercising intensely.

Am I a good candidate for sclerotherapy?

A doctor will determine the suitability of sclerotherapy for you during an initial consultation. The vast majority of our patients are eligible. In case of pregnancy, you’ll need to wait until your child is born. 

It's important to discuss your experience with blood clots with your doctor since your specific case will determine your treatment needs. In addition to sclerotherapy, other treatments may be available based on your needs.

Call us today so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this summer’s pool parties. To learn more about the latest innovative spider vein treatment options, contact Vascular Associates of San Diego or use our online booking tool

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