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An outpatient angiogram is a specialized diagnostic procedure, but since it’s done using a catheter, the door is open to an immediate endovascular treatment if needed. The skilled team at Vascular Associates of San Diego in La Mesa, California, serving all of San Diego County, has extensive experience performing diagnostic angiograms, as well as minimally invasive procedures to treat artery blockages and other blood vessel problems that may be detected. If you need to schedule an angiogram, call the office or use the online booking system today.

Outpatient Angiogram Q & A

What is an outpatient angiogram?

An angiogram, also called angiography or an arteriogram, is a specialized type of X-ray used to evaluate your blood vessels.

During an angiogram, a dye is released through a catheter into the targeted artery. The dye allows the structures to show up on an X-ray.

An outpatient angiogram means you can go home the same day. But you need to be monitored for several hours after your procedure before being discharged.

When might I need an angiogram?

Your provider at Vascular Associates of San Diego performs an angiogram to diagnose blockages, narrowed arteries, and bulges in blood vessels.  

The most common conditions diagnosed with an angiogram include:

  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Renal artery disease
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Aneurysms

Angiograms are most often done to diagnose artery disease, but they can also detect vein problems such as deep vein thrombosis.

What happens during my angiogram?

The team at Vascular Associates of San Diego makes a tiny cut that allows them to insert a narrow catheter into a blood vessel. Then they use real-time imaging to guide the catheter to the targeted artery or vein.

After the catheter is in the desired area, an iodine dye is injected through the catheter and into your blood vessels. Then X-rays are taken to obtain detailed images.

You may feel a slight prick when the local anesthetic is injected. Many patients experience a feeling of warmth or sometimes a slight burning sensation when the dye is injected. Otherwise, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during your procedure.

Will I receive treatment during my angiogram?

If your results show significant blockage due to atherosclerotic plaque, a dangerous blood clot, or a large aneurysm, you may receive endovascular treatment at the same time as your angiogram.

Procedures commonly performed include:

  • Angioplasty with or without stenting to clear atherosclerotic plaque
  • Atherectomy to cut away atherosclerotic plaque
  • Bypass graft to treat an aortic aneurysm or bypass a blockage
  • Catheter thrombolysis to dissolve a blood clot
  • Insertion of an inferior vena cava filter to stop blood clots from reaching your lungs

If you don’t need a procedure, your provider at Vascular Associates of San Diego talks with you about the results of your angiogram, recommends treatment options, and develops a customized plan to prevent the condition from getting worse.

If you have questions about an angiogram, call Vascular Associates of San Diego or book an appointment online today.